Nina習藝於美國洛杉磯,風格深受West Coast House影響,充滿FUNK、JAZZ、SOUL和TRIBAL的元素,混音手法精緻而細膩,DJ資歷邁入11個年頭的Nina,曾獲得英文台北時報2006年(Taipei Times)台灣Top DJ榜首的頭銜;並擔任Chicago House大人物Johnny Fiasco 和 Derrick Carter,Brett Johnson的暖場DJ,也是唯一登上美國Underground House指標性電台 “Chicago House FM” 的唯一台灣籍DJ。目前為台北著名夜吧in house的駐場DJ。 Nina developed her skills for DJ-ing in Los Angeles. She was greatly influenced by West Coast House music with funk, jazz, soul and tribal elements. She creates unique sounds and execute perfect blends. DJ Nina had been spinning for 11 years. She’d been nominated as Taipei Time’s Top DJ; She’d also spun for Chicago House’s Johnny Fiasco, Derrick Carter, and Brett Johnson. She is also the only Taiwanese DJ who’d spin at Underground House radio station, Chicago House FM. Currently, she is spinning at In house Club.


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