有著渾厚溫暖的嗓音。 接觸音樂類型廣泛,特別喜愛爵士樂的自由與深度,師承台灣知名saxophone手潘恒健。因接觸多元樂風,在詮釋音樂時能釋放出不一樣的元素,勇於嘗試的個性,讓她能賦予歌曲更多的生命力。 Angel graduated from National Taipei University of Education. Since high school, she joined the band and participated in many live performances. After attaining her bachelor degree, she chose to pursue her music dreams. Though she’s been in close contact with a wide range of music genres since youth, she chose to focus on Jazz music. Her passion for Jazz music prompted her to learn from the famous Taiwanese saxophone player, Pan Heng Jian. Due to experience with a wide variety of music genres, she is able to present to you a different kind of music vibe!


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