DC Douglas


爵士樂起源於藍調歌曲,藍調本身是一種簡單和諧、輕快明朗且帶有情感的音樂,也常在主流電影裡可以聽到經典的藍調歌曲,但因藍調帶有自由且不拘束於任何形式,藍調歌曲要詮釋的好顯得困難許多,DC Douglas就是藍調的箇中好手,擅長鄉村藍調及爵士藍調,也是全台灣唯一演唱藍調的樂團,獨特的表演風格也使他們經常受邀到美國、日本及每年台中爵士音樂節表演,也值得推薦給您。 Jazz music originates from blues music. Blues is simple and harmonious, light and quick-paced, yet expressive in emotions; thus, it is often heard in movies. But because of the freestyle irregular beats in blues music, its often difficult to successfully interpret its music. Our singer, DC Douglas, not only performs blues music artistically, they also perform jazz music. Currently, they are the only group in Taiwan that performs blues music. Due to their unique style, they often receive invitations to perform in America, Japan, and at the annual Taichung Jazz Festival.


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