Jay是來自台灣的歌手,擁有渾厚嘹亮的嗓音,演唱實力豐厚、表演經驗豐富的他擅長中英文歌曲、爵士、百老匯,現於台北晶華酒店長期駐唱,感情豐富的他,詮釋各式的歌曲都有自己獨特的表達及見解,也特別容易深深感動現場來賓,值得推薦的好聲音。 Singer Jay from Taiwan brings to you a thick but bright voice. Experienced in live performances, he can sing both English and Chinese songs, Jazz, and Broadway music. Currently, Jay sings live at Regent Taipei Hotel. A singer who can bring out the emotions and story behind a song can touch the hearts of his audience. Jay is just that singer! We recommend Singer Jay to you!


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