音樂是世界上最美好的事物之一。音符被演奏的瞬間,經過樂器的共鳴、空氣的傳達,進入我們的聽覺,激發我們的情感和想像空間。豐富我們的生活,來自美國的SAX好手。 Kevin使用直立式高音SAX,純熟精湛的指法,使爵士樂變得更豐富熱情更有張力。內心細膩浪漫的他更透過聲線美學,邀您一起共享爵士浪漫的聖殿。 Music is one of the greatest things on earth. When notes are being played, the reverberation of each instrument resonates in the air and passes through our ears. Music not only stirs up different emotions and imaginations, it enriches our life. Kevin, a passionate jazz soprano sax player from America, delivers exquisite technique and power in his music. You are invited to embark on a journey painted with romance and jazz.


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