Down Beat 重拍爵士流行樂團團長。1989年踏入音樂圈,開始參與錄製唱片專輯,受邀多場音樂盛宴以及演唱會樂手。而獨特的渾厚唱腔能夠詮釋各式曲風:節奏藍調、 靈魂、爵士、搖滾、流行…等。對爵士樂的著迷,從成為全國第一本爵士音樂雜誌「都會搖擺」的主編開始,訪問過Diana Krall、Kenny Garrett、Laura Fygi、渡邊貞夫… 等國際知名爵士名人。 Michael is the leader in a popular jazz band called Down Beat. In 1989, he began his pursuit for music in this band. At the same time, he recorded albums and received invitations to perform at many banquets and live concerts. His unique and deep voice allows him to interpret a variety of musical styles like the blues, soul, jazz, rock, pop music, and many more. With an intense passion and love for jazz music, he became the chief editor in the very first jazz music magazine, downbeat. He’s interviewed people like Diana Krall, Kenny Garrett, Laura Fygi, Sadao Watanabe, and many more internationally famous jazz artists.


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