Tammy 唐么玫有著台灣一般女歌手少見的磁性低沈沙啞的獨特嗓音。於2006年全心投入爵士演唱並至紐約及Berklee College of Music進修。曾參與台中爵士音樂節、國家音樂廳、及受邀各大企業活動表演,更有至大陸及歐洲之多場演出皆深獲好評。 2007年11月發行首張爵士專輯 “Beautiful love –Tribute to Shirley Horn”。 2011年3月發行個人創作中文專輯”de Duo? “,並入圍第二屆金音創作獎最佳爵士單曲。 Unlike many singers in Taiwan, Tammy’s deep and husky voice is unique and rare. In 2006, this artist started her study at Berklee College of Music and New York focusing on performing Jazz. Receiving positive critiques, Tammy performed at TaiChung Jazz Festival, National Concert Hall, and large events in Europe and China. In 2007 of November was the release of her album, Beautiful love – Tribute to Shirley Horn. In 2011 of March, a personal debut, de Duo?, was released and nominated for best jazz piece in the second Golden Indie Music Awards.


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